To show us what he means, he endlessly diagrams photos of celebrity couples, marking everyone’s telltale angles. Ignoring the inherent sexism of this takeaway and leaning on a likely unfounded hope that Mac is joking — he works for Barstool Sports, so probably not — the Green Line Test is pretty entertaining, at least. And its popularity on TikTok is undeniable, if the “green line” hashtag is any indication. The hashtag has 74.1 million views in total, and its page is home to dozens and dozens of videos, but not all of them see users trying out the test for themselves. A number appear instead to be discussing busses and trains, rather than famous couples. On the hashtag page, many of the top videos come from Mac himself, who’s found real popularity in leaning into this test for the 86,600 people who follow his page.

Spectroscopy changed the course of auroral research, providing for the first time a method to gain information of the chemical composition of the aurora borealis. However, the aurora refused for a long time to reveal its secrets. First observed by Anders Ångström in 1868, the brilliant green line of wavelength 5577 Å came to be seen as the holy grail of auroral spectroscopy. The solution of the problem in the 1920s, a breakthrough in auroral physics, was due to the Canadian physicists John McLennan and Gordon Shrum, who identified the line as coming from oxygen.

Where did the green line test on TikTok come from?

The 7th Circle turns our attention towards the conditions of oppression that our work exists within. We must take a step back to get an accurate view of what is happening around us; pay attention to history and trajectory, as well as systems of dominance and oppression. We can feel like we are on the dance floor in the middle of the crowd, caught in a certain flow and unable to see much more than the things that are immediately in front of us. The 7 Circle Model provides a way for us to get out of the thick of things and perceive issues more clearly. It is akin to being on the dance floor looking down on the balcony; it serves as a way to think through different factors that influence our work for equity.

green line theory

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Now, It’s Viral on TikTok

TikToker @claudiaashao also posted an example featuring pictures of her boyfriend, gaining over 78,000 likes in the same period of time . Pretty soon, people started highlighting the flaws in this ridiculous theory, pointing out the toxic masculinity and a million other socially disgusting concepts behind it. Rivelino even made their own merchandise for men, it was a plain black t-shirt with a green line down it. It was so the men were always reminded “to stand up straight and not lean in”.

The T is our legendary subway system, the gateway to the city, a colorful maze of pathways that connect more than 78 stops. Befitting its history, Boston is the birthplace of public transit in America. Yes, we launched the American Revolution, public libraries, printing presses, public schools—and subterranean transit.

Although there is a popular culture for blue line and its destinations, everyone knows it’s just full of metro faggots and emos on there way to “maranda” . These “emos” and “metro’s” say that their precious blue line is greater simply because the last time they found themselves on green line they had to hand over money, phones is opteck regulated and/or possibly their shoes. This simply shows how pussy blue line kids are compared to green line kids. I can’t imagine thinking every time you take a picture you have to assert your dominance by posing correctly. It sounds exhausting having your self worth so dependent on being perceived as dominant over others.

green line theory

User @sewscialism joked, “Fellas, is it gay to embrace a woman?” . Jack shared a second video about the green line test after news of Kardashian and Davidson’s split broke. Maybe it’s a simple matter of keeping us invested in a bizarre and increasingly baroque system of reading other people. rubixfx review That we can’t shake Rivelino’s aesthetic may be the point — as he often winkingly suggests. Except if Rivelino is a performance artist, he’s a frighteningly committed one. Rivelino faced plenty of ridicule when his thread took off, as it was mostly amplified by people calling him a loser.

Recently, the manosphere has been a subject of feminist scholarship. It has been subjected to serious accusations, blaming it for its role in encouraging misogyny and violent threats towards women online, as well as for potentially radicalizing lonely or dis-enfranchised men. Conversely, if a woman’s line is tilted towards a man, she’s submitting to his protection, and the dude’s fine — he’s a strong alpha. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. TikTok commenters seem split by the viral test, with many pointing out the various factors that could affect the tilt of the lines, such as height or camera angle.

Whether you believe the logic or think it’s “rubbish,” as Navarro says, it might be fun to give it a try with your own partner and see the patterns in your own body language. In his first video about the topic, Jack used several famous couples to emphasize the concept. For instance, Will Smith and Prince Harry both appear to lean into Jada Pinkett Smith and Meghan Markle, respectively. The women can usually be spotted standing upright in photos as the men lean in. His theory holds that dudes leaning toward their significant others have compromised their integrity by realigning to a woman’s worldview. This red-pill line of reasoning — and the hilarious images meant to prove it — were the perfect ingredients for a subgenre of shitpost memes.

Fast Facts: The Green Line Expansion Project

Jack’s follow-up video went viral on the app, amassing over 6.8 million views and 1 million likes as of publishing. Yes, it’s hard to fathom why a guy tweeting like this would refuse to show his face. After he reads this, Rivelino will probably draw green shit on pictures of me to criticize how I stand. And so, funny as the green lines are, they will always be tainted by the fact that someone really thinks this way. The reverse problem — I’ll humbly submit it as “Klee’s law” — is that absurd extremism may easily pass for trolling or parody to anyone trained to detect those different levels of meaning and intent.

His TikToks applying the test and explaining the test gained over 1.3 million and 9 million views in just over a month . “I feel that Pete falls too fast and hard for women that are very busy and independent,” one user machine learning support and resistance commented. Someone else pointed out that Kardashian’s outfits make leaning physically difficult. However, others implied Davidson might have a recurring problem with getting too involved too fast in his relationships.

  • A large gray circle encompasses six smaller circles labeled with the factors that influence our work for equity.
  • Leaning in, the unproven theory suggests, is a sign of “weakness.”
  • The idea is that you’re supposed to draw green lines over two people’s postures and see which line is leaning into the other and which one stands upright.
  • Justin Whang quote-tweeted the thread, saying “Very disappointed to find out that the strongest man in the world is in fact a beta male,” gaining over 560 retweets and 9,800 likes .

Users are also teasing Mac for his “fragile ego,” pointing out that height and angle often dictate how much people do, or don’t, lean in. They also noted the stark inconsistency of his lines, which are typically drawn in specific ways that help to illustrate his point. A new relationship test is going viral on TikTok, as users lean on the Green Line Test to examine their romantic connections.

He started working as a visual advertisement producer in 2017 and worked there for almost two years. In his spare time, he creates graphic collages and even had his first artwork exhibition at “Devilstone”. Twitter user Rivelino has released a now-viral series of “green line” tweets.

Science Park: Experiment

The theory essentially implies that men should not lean into women because doing so would cause them to lose their dominance or control over their partner or relationship. Once he gets to the pictures of Jason Statham and his wife, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, he mentions that they’re both standing straight up but only refers to the fact that Statham isn’t a man who is leaning in. “This couple, based on the green line test, is not going to work long term,” he says, referring to a photo of a random couple where the man is leaning into the woman.

When Newsweek spoke to experts on body language who analyzed the theory, it was entirely debunked and could actually show something quite different. Rivelino’s greatest contribution to gender studies and meme culture is his Green Line Theory, which holds that the psychosexual power dynamic of any relationship can be read in how people stand or sit together. A strong alpha man, he believes, always holds himself ramrod straight, while a weak one will “lean in” toward his partner’s upright posture.

However old mate Rivelino also features a photo of Michelle and Barack Obama where he’s leaning in — I think we can all agree they’re an incredibly solid couple. What people don’t realize, however, is where exactly this ‘green line theory’ came from, who started it, and why it was started in the first place. The idea is that you’re supposed to draw green lines over two people’s postures and see which line is leaning into the other and which one stands tall and proud. Reportedly created by a Twitter user @alpharivelino, the test involves drawing a green line down the center of each person in a relationship, and these lines are meant to represent the role each person plays. For example, if a line inclines into a vertical line, the person who has the vertical line is the “alpha” according to this theory.

Women stand up straight to look better in their clothes and guys basically just stand like “hey, I’m a dude…”, lol. After working for a sculptor, he fell in love with visual storytelling and enjoys covering everything from TV shows (any Sopranos fans out there?) to photography. Throughout his years in Bored Panda, over 235 million people have read the posts he’s written, which is probably more than he could count to. TikTokers are going viral with their attempts at the ‘green line test,’ which aims to determine the ‘role’ each person plays in a relationship — but not everyone is convinced by the theory.

In the TikTok video, he grabs the most recent picture that Kardashian shared of her and her Davidson once again. The ‘Green Line Theory’ was started by a misogynistic, toxically masculine Twitter user named Rivelino. Brookline Booksmith is known for its expansive romance section, with roughly 900 books available at any given time. For pizza, cash-onlyGalleria Umbertoand longtime staplePizzeria Reginaare the sooty, spongy winners. The Green Line Extension project extends MBTA Green Line service north of Lechmere Station and into the communities of Somerville, Cambridge, and Medford.

This is a reminder to take a moment and see if this has already been posted recently, to make sure that personal information has been censored, and to flair your post if you have not already done so. For full access to this pdf, sign in to an existing account, or purchase an annual subscription. Had Vegard’s frozen nitrogen been pure, he would not have observed the band. Since McLennan and Shrum found the same band in their low-temperature experiments, they too must have worked with impure nitrogen. There is a great deal of similarity, both historically and as regards the physical mechanisms, between the cases of the auroral lines, the nebulium lines and the coronium lines. Justin Whang quote-tweeted the thread, saying “Very disappointed to find out that the strongest man in the world is in fact a beta male,” gaining over 560 retweets and 9,800 likes .

It urges men to stop leaning into the women’s world and bring the females into theirs instead. Following the test’s virality, experts have explained why the green line theory is not as convincing as it might seem at first. Many others dismissed it as a serious reach, as people in love often lean in toward each other, and sometimes it’s necessary for the taller person to lean in. That’s not to say panic should set in if your partner isn’t leaning in pictures either, as Dr. Glass noted being preoccupied and not being comfortable with PDA as two other possible reasons for not leaning in. In 2020, a Twitter user with a long history of discussing pick-up techniques and incel-backed theories, introduced the rule, starting a fiery conversation around the theory and inducing a pile-on of “don’t lean in” memes.

“When you look at two people in a photo or video and attempt to analyze them you need to look at a number of different things like position of their feet, facial language, hands, head position and body posture,” agreed Glass. The term “incel,” or “involuntary celibate,” is often used to describe “men who feel unable to obtain romantic or sexual relationships with women, to which they feel entitled to,” according to a Secret Service report. Incels represent a type of “misogynistic extremism” that can also be referred to as anti-feminist, said the 26-page report, which was published by the Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center in March. This position can be decided by drawing a top-down line on each person to see which line is leaning more into the other. The video explores the “Green Line Theory” which claims to confirm who “wears the pants” in any relationship based on a single photo.

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