SpiraTest includes a built-in custom report builder that lets you define report templates that can consist of multiple sections. SpiraTest includes an extensive reports library that can display information such as Requirements Coverage, Test Case Execution, and Incident Status. SpiraTest allows you to build a customized reporting dashboard featuring your frequently-used graphs, charts and reports.

Organizations can streamline their test management process while saving time. QA Touch offers amazing, and effortless integrations with third-party applications like Jira, Slack, and GitHub, as well as on-demand test management services. Integrated with Jira and CI/CD tools like Bamboo and Jenkins and Automation Frameworks.

It allows the whole team to work on software specifications without needing additional technical tools. Its built-in test management provides full visibility into test results and all test activities. Using Silk Central, you can unify all the test assets into single, easy-to-use planning, execution, tracking, and reporting hub. Silk Central makes it easy to recreate the bugs and issues within the software. An intuitive, easy-to-use German test management framework, Aqua ALM is well-known for providing business–level service to all customer enterprises with an affordable package.

How to choose a Test Management Tool?

Get the free TestRail JIRA plug-in on the Atlassian marketplace. Kualitee is a test management tool and a complete ALM alternative for agile QA and Dev teams. It enables planning, writing, executing and tracking software tests in a collaborative setting. The tool provides easy reuse of test cases from repositories and keeps track of testing activities with complete traceability.

test management tools

QA teams can rope in managers, developers, outsourced testers, friends, etc. The keyboard-driven interface, checklist approach, and drag’n’drop organisation easily keep pace with rapid development. If we missed any test tracking tools in the list, please share them in the comments, and we will include them in our list of Test Management Tools.

Our tools integrate with over 50 different applications to help you work smarter and faster. Our products do not enforce a methodology on you, instead they let you work your way. Whether you work in agile development, Scrum, XP, Kanban and Lean, Waterfall, hybrid, or Scaled AgileInflectra can help. Highly intuitive web application that provides a complete picture of a project’s status and health yet requires only a web-browser. We realize that customers have different data security and privacy needs. SpiraTest is available as both a cloud hosted service and also as an on-premise solution that can be deployed in your datacenter or private cloud.

Track the number of tests planned, and run with pass/fail results tabulation. And a tech treasure for every passionate tester who thinks nothing but quality. Numerous features are available from JunoOne at various stages.

Customizable XRay reports tracking the test executions and Test sets with overall testing progress. Seamless integration with Jira Cloud, Automation testing tools such as Ranorex, BitBucket, Frogbugz, Mantis, GitHub, and BitBucket. Test Management is a process for managing the day-to-day testing activities starting from creating the test cases to execution of the tests along with capturing the test results. QTest Manager offers the flexibility to manage any kind of automation strategy at scale. Whether you want to make your open source more productive or want to take a codeless, model-based approach, qTest has an integration for that. Create shareable, customized reports on testing data, using more than 60 out-of-the-box reports that can be tailored to provide continuous updates.

Software Quality Lifecycle

You may also want to check out our ultimate list of defect-tracking tools that contains Popular Bug Tracking Tools. It allows you to follow most testing activities such as creating test cases, grouping test cases in test plans, and executing test runs. Best for someone looking for a test case management tool with unlimited users that does not impact the subscription plan.

  • Seamless integration with Jira Cloud, Automation testing tools such as Ranorex, BitBucket, Frogbugz, Mantis, GitHub, and BitBucket.
  • Testuff is an online test management tool without limits- unlimited tests, testers, projects, and defects can be reported and managed.
  • Every business needs testing for quality assurance and to maintain desired results.
  • Klaros-Testmanagement is a tried-and-true German tool that is used by large and small teams worldwide to organize and perform testing activities.
  • QTest Manager is a test management tool that centralizes test management into one location.
  • Among the features, it can create excellent test cases, a rich-text editor with WYSIWYG capabilities, and execute flexible test cycles.

Kualitee is also equipped with an in-depth project management module. Version control for interactive testing is one of the advanced features that QMetry is known for offering for automated and manual testing assistance. Customizable test reports allow users to check the progress of the tests and the entire project. Users can easily create and perform manual and automation testing from one place. QMetry brings together project management tools with test management features, allowing teams to track testing at a granular level with personalized dashboards.

Integrated Test management software is available that can make your life easier and often is cheaper than purchasing separate tools for requirements, test case management and bug tracking. When choosing a test management tool for your business, there are a few factors that you should consider. If you use other reporting and monitoring tools, being able to integrate them together enables businesses to save time and generate higher quality insights. Tricentis qTest provides enterprise-level agile testing tools giving businesses visibility and control needed to ensure application quality in fast-paced development environments.

Read the latest in software testing and QA

QTest Manager’s tree structure view allows for effortless movement of artifacts from folder to folder and copying to other projects — simply drag and drop. Multi-factor authentication can be easily enabled as explained here. Give testers full access when they need it, or remove developers when you don’t need the full team on board. So we got rid of cumbersome servers and offer cloud-based access only.

We can invite our team members to access projects and restrict them based on role access control. Qase is a cloud test management tool for both Developers and Testers. With an average rating of 3 out of 5 stars on G2, Testpad is praised as a “Very helpful app for ensuring consistent testing quality” by its users. Built-in integrations, plus an open API to integrate with your CI/CD/DevOps toolchain.

For complete visibility, it offers a real-time test monitoring dashboard. On the real-time dashboard, you can monitor key testing metrics or the status of cycles and projects. For example, you can view graphs on a project detailing Tests Created, Tests Executed, and Defects Linked. With 30 years of existence in the QA industry, the TestGear development team builds tools for testers and by testers. This platform reduces the time spent on the QA routine to a significant extent so that testers can give more time to other creative work.

test management tools

QTest Manager is a test management tool that centralizes test management into one location. Case versioning allows you to create multiple versions of test cases for future reference. You also have the option to import test cases from Microsoft Excel to make the process more efficient.


We spent 48 hours evaluating and researching 18 different http://irolog.ru/213-pochechnaya-flebografiya.html. We looked for features that should be available in an ideal test management tool. We looked at user reviews and compared products’ features to determine which tools help you in your project development. The answer is 3 – They support the traceability of tests to source documents, and they provide an interface to test execution tools. The user-friendly interface supports the efficient administration, planning, execution, and evaluation of all testing activities. It integrates fully with all the tools testing teams use to optimize and scale their testing activities.

Generate reports and compare test results across multiple test runs and configurations. It works well for teams of all sizes, from individual testers to enterprise-sized teams of 100+ members. PractiTest has received an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on G2, based on 99 reviews.

There is an increased demand for test automation in today’s tech-savvy world. We have seen that each test management tool has merits and demerits. To address all issues with the existing tools, we at Testsigma have created an ecosystem to help plan, develop, execute, analyze, and report for continuous testing in Agile and DevOps. TestGear is another highly-ranked test management tool that uniquely combines manual testing with automated ones. This platform enables you to create and edit several test cases and plan and perform manual and automated tests.

Defects can be categorized into different types, including bugs, enhancements, issues, change requests, and risks. Defects can be logged in the system either through the web interface or by sending an email to a specific email address. ReQtest is a test management software that has over 11,000 users worldwide. ReQtest assists QA professionals in overcoming testing barriers, managing testing priorities, and achieving testing goals.

test management tools

Testpad is a test plan tool that helps you find the bugs that matter. Less time messing around with spreadsheets or old-school test case management means more time actually testing. Test management software saves the time of testers in the testing process and also streamlines the testing process. QMetry provides a comprehensive agile testing solution with end-to-end test management, integration with test automation, powerful quality metrics, and exceptional analytics. Testmo is the #1 unified test management tool for modern teams that lets you manage all your manual test cases, exploratory tests, and test automation. Increase efficiency and quality of systems and software delivery with test planning, workflow control, tracking and metrics reporting.

The most significant feature of this test management platform is that QA Wolf features an entirely managed end-to-end test coverage. Automation test results in the test management tool are desirable. Your test management tool must provide ready integration or API to connect with variety of tools. Easy integration with popular testing tools like Selenium, Rally et.

Execute Requirements-Based Test Plans and Test Cases

Xray is a valuable tool that can be installed and used within Jira. Its goal is to support businesses in improving the consistency of their products by carrying out effective and reliable research. They will plan, carry out, and monitor their research with end-to-end traceability.

Test management tool should be capable of improving overall productivity by focusing on key areas like the granularity of test information, release management tracking, and reporting. Your desired features should be supported by your tool of choice. Fitnesse is a test framework that allows testers, developers, and customers to collaborate to create test cases on the wiki. It is one of the best free test management tools, which is a testing and documentation tool that enables testers, customers, and programmers to create test cases in a platform-independent way.

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