The spiking curiosity in the venture regardless of the broader market downturn is a nice shock. Getting into Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency change, is a badge of honor for rising tasks in the business. Listed under are seven tasks awaiting their Binance listings and why they may enhance your portfolio in 2023. One of the main features differentiating Bet2ken from other sportsbooks is that this platform aggregates odds data from several providers and ensures users always receive the best odds. ( Additionally, LBLOCK v2 no longer features the sales tax that the original LBLOCK had, which means that this new token is much more appealing from an investment standpoint.

Top Binance Upcoming Listings

It’s not yet been confirmed if it will also become an upcoming Binance listing. When you make an investment in a new cryptocurrency exchange, you can’t surely say whether it will win the market and bring you good returns or not. But the fact that these coins are expected to be listed on popular crypto exchanges can hint to us that they have a chance to grow. Still, it is very important to explore these projects in detail and understand whether they are worth investing in. Many crypto investors may have already heard of this project, as it became the fastest cryptocurrency ever to reach a $1 billion market cap earlier in the year. Lucky Block is an NFT competitions platform which offers daily competitions that are decentralized, fair, and transparent.

Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade could supercharge liquid staking derivatives — Here’s how

FightOut is a fitness application themed around the much-hyped move-to-earn concept, which was trending throughout 2022. The crypto platform’s aim is to bring more ease and efficiency to fitness using Web3 technologies and gamification. The DeFi space has grown extensively over the past year as it seeks to solve the imminent challenges of traditional finance.

Opening a Binance account is not enough to start trading on the platform. The exchange requires you to go through its verification and verify your identity. To do that, you must provide a copy of a government-issued ID or passport. Once all the necessary data is sent, it will take up to 2 days to verify your account. As all the Web2 users are potential Hooked protocol users, the project has quickly gained popularity.

This project is also known for being one of the most popular crypto staking platforms. The player can earn IBAT tokens and deposit them directly into the staking tool to make passive income. Those who need cash can use the Battle Infinity decentralized trading platform to exchange their IBAT tokens to buy another BSc asset, such as BNB.

  • FightOut aims to open 20 gyms globally, in different locations based on the user base and community interest.
  • John Kiguru is an astute writer with a great love for cryptocurrency and its underlining technology.
  • Suicide Squad is the next title on the list of the top upcoming games in 2023.
  • Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange on this market, and that is the truth of the matter.

IMPT is a green cryptocurrency trying to solve climate change-related problems. Lucky Block is a new world in the market with everyday prizes and rewards for token holders. OSMO token has already caught the attention of investors and is among the 100 largest cryptocurrencies with its market cap. It has a circulating supply of almost 500 tokens, while the maximum supply will be 1 billion OSMO coins. OSMO tokens are released at the end of each year, while every launch cuts the number of released tokens by one-third. For example, the first-year launch was equal to 300 million tokens, the second one 200 million OSMO tokens, etc.

Nike-affiliated RTFK NFTs stolen in phishing attack

“It seems that we could expect a greater upward reaction after the Binance listing in 2023, confirming the transition from the ‘Coinbase effect’ to the ‘Binance effect,’” he added. It’s obviously very early days for TAMA, given that its presale began only this week. However, it has already amassed over 16,000 followers on Twitter and more than 12,000 on Telegram.

The biggest prizes on offer right now include $1 million worth of BTC and a $1 million house. When a new cryptocurrency gets listed on a popular exchange it means that the coin is available to buy on that platform. You can create an online account with the exchange or link your wallet to buy the new token. The listing is usually followed by the popularity of the coin, which typically leads to its price increase.

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