The disclosure assessment indicators reflect publicly disclosed information as of January 22, 2021. The Transition Pathway Initiative , supported by its research and data partners the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics and FTSE Russell, conducted the company disclosure research and analysis. InfluenceMap provided how to invest money in 5 simple steps independent analysis of the company’s corporate climate lobbying practices . CTI’s assessments are analysed using modelling, which is based on asset level global coal generation data as of January 2021 and natural gas data for companies in the EU, UK, and USA as of May 2021. Public disclosure and asset ownership information is assessed as of 31 December 2021.

This indicates increasingly significant misalignment with the Paris Agreement as the percentage nears zero. Amber—The company’s production trajectory is below the target for the SDS 1.5°C-1.8°C (where ‘SDS’ is the IEA’s Sustainable Development Scenario). The audit report identifies how the auditor has assessed the material impacts of climate-related matters. Other reporting includes other sections of the annual report and may also include separate reporting such as sustainability reports, TCFD reports, analyst presentations, and the company’s website. To be assessed as ’Yes’, the company must have been assessed as ’Yes’ for Metric 1a.

for microgird control systems and distributed energy resources

Amber—75-99% of the company’s operating and planned gas capacity is consistent with B2DS. Green—100% of the company’s operating and planned gas capacity is consistent with the IEA’s B2DS or the company has already phased out all gas capacity. Red—The company has announced only a partial retirement of their gas-fired generation by 2050.

A full list of affected ratings is provided towards the end of this press release. The ENGIE Ellipse Scope 3 application enables the automated, real-time calculation of Scope 3 emissions from existing source system activity data. It unlocks multi-dimensional analyses across plants, product lines, vendors, activities, business units and regions. The company has specified that this target covers at least 95% of total scope 1 and 2 emissions.

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Sign Up NowGet this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. No current notifications are found for the projects, organizations, and other topics you are currently following. Currently, commitments are not accepted from fossil fuel companies or subsidiaries specified in categories 1.1 and 1.2 here. This policy is came into effect on March 7th 2022 and removal of previous commitments will be completed as soon as possible. With people being at the centre of our business, investing in the health, safety and well-being of our employees is crucial to our sustainability. Keeping the people who work for us safe is one of our most fundamental responsibilities.

What does ENGIE North America do?

ENGIE North America Inc. provides utility services. The Company offers power generation, renewable energy, gas distribution, biogas storage, and electricity transmission services. ENGIE serves commercial, industrial, and residential customers worldwide.

Some examples might include products and services that create renewable energy, reduce consumption or waste, conserve land or wildlife, provide less toxic alternatives to the market, or educate people about environmental problems. This indicator assesses the technology mix of the company in 2021 compared to the market in 2021. The analysis is conducted on the technology level, meaning 2Dii compares the technology share of the company with the technology share of the sector average. For example, if the market’s power technology mix consists of 20% of coal power, while the company’s technology mix consists for 17% of coal power, then the company is ‘ahead’ of the market, implying that it’s greener than the market in terms of coal power.

BU Wind

Near-term targets are also a prerequisite for companies wishing to set net-zero targets. The methodology quantifies key outcomes, including the share of its future capital expenditures that are aligned with a 1.5° Celsius scenario, and the year in which capital expenditures in carbon intensive assets will peak. BU Sustainability worked with the renewable energy supply team and researchers from Carnegie Mellon University to find a project that best aligned the timing of the wind energy generation with the more carbon intense emissions on the grid. SBTi publicly discloses temperature alignment based on the ambition of a company’s scope 1 and 2 targets. We thoroughly review scope 3 ambition to ensure it meets the temperature alignment or supplier engagement specifications outlined in the SBTi criteria.

  • Download CTI and CAAP’s Climate Accounting and Audit assessment methodology to learn more.
  • It commits ENGIE, the three Global Union Federations, and trade unions to cooperative social dialogue to achieve additional agreements, including on training, occupational heath and safety, restructuring, and sustainable development and climate change.
  • If the company has set a scope 3 GHG emissions target, it covers the most relevant scope 3 emissions categories for the company’s sector , and the company has published the methodology used to establish any scope 3 target.
  • The company’s Relationship Score is not applicable when it does not maintain significant links to industry associations actively influencing climate policy (as per InfluenceMap’s current database).

The group is listed on Euronext Paris and Euronext Brussels, with a market capitalisation of around EUR23.2 billion at the beginning of May 2020. ENGIE Alliance’s and EII’s outlook could be stabilised if that of ENGIE is and the technical analysis & charting ratings could be downgraded if those of ENGIE are. The change of outlook for ENGIE Alliance and EII follows that for ENGIE SA and reflects the close linkages between the companies and the ultimate parent as described below.

Global Emissions Impact (CO2e lb/MWh)

These companies may be reinstated following further development of the fossil fuel sector project. The SBTi will share further updates on the development of this guidance later in 2022. Due to the developing status of our guidance for the oil and gas sector, 50 turkish lira to japanese yen exchange rate convert try the SBTi has updated its fossil fuel policy and has paused fossil fuel company target validation and commitments until further notice. Commitments demonstrate organizations’ intention to develop targets and submit these for validation within 24 months.

  • This includes the direct impact of a company’s operations and, when applicable, its supply chain and distribution channels.
  • This Sub-indicator is based on TPI’s Carbon Performance methodologies which apply the Sectoral Decarbonisation Approach.
  • From the design and implementation of zero-carbon roadmaps to full operation of the energy, mobility, and public lighting infrastructure—ENGIE provides financed turnkey solutions for developing the smart cities of tomorrow,and helping improve citizens’ well-being via a range of offers.
  • Bambawale said stakeholders in the West have become one of the key drivers that push APAC companies to adopt decarbonization solutions.

A “Just Transition” requires that the company considers the impacts from transitioning to a lower-carbon business model on its workers and communities. InfluenceMap provides detailed Paris-aligned analysis of corporate climate lobbying independently of the Climate Action 100+ Net-Zero Company Benchmark. Engagement Intensity is a measure of the level of policy engagement by the company, whether positive or negative. Red—The company is ‘Behind” or ‘Slightly Behind’ the NZE target technology mix for the utilities sector. Green—The company is ‘Ahead’ or ‘Slightly Ahead’ of the NZE target technology mix for the utilities sector.

Education in ENGIE

This new South Dakota wind farm will realize 2–3 times greater avoided emissions than a project in New England due to the larger percentage of green power already in the ISO-New England electrical grid. Schneider Electric, the leading advisor on corporate renewable energy procurement globally, supported Stanley Black & Decker in the selection of and negotiations for the project. A VPPA is a long-term contract for renewable energy between a buyer and a power project developer.

  • Thus, the financial strength of the wind project developer was critical to minimize the University’s risk of participating in a project that wouldn’t get built.
  • These factors limit earnings volatility and, in combination with the progress made by the group under its cost-reduction programme, should continue to offset the negative effects of nuclear outages albeit being reduced, underpinning EBITDA.
  • Offsets will be an area for future development in the Net Zero Company Benchmark.
  • The short-term GHG reduction target covers at least 95% of scope 1 & 2 emissions and the most relevant scope 3 emissions .
  • The exact time of publication varies, updates are usually published before 12PM GMT and no later than 5.30PM GMT.

These alignment assessments from Carbon Tracker Initiative analyse electric utility companies’ announced retirement schedules for their legacy coal and natural gas-fired power generation capacity and new planned carbon-emitting assets relative to a range of climate change scenarios. The analyses give investors insights on the relative adequacy and alignment of company actions with the Paris Agreement goals. These alignment assessments from the 2 Degrees Investing Initiative are made using the PACTA methodology and data provided by Asset Resolution. They analyse electric utility companies’ planned capital expenditures and production capacity for the coming 5 years, relative to a range of climate change scenario pathways for the sector.

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