I have read hundreds of scientific studies over the past 3 years concerning alcohol and alcoholism. One of the first ones I found was in a 2018 paper in The Lancet. There were 515 investigators that looked at 195 countries and territories from 1990 to 2016. They determined that the only level of alcohol consumption for optimal health is zero drinks a day! They also found that there are absolutely no benefits from drinking.

is alcohol good for you

In treatment and prevention, the American abstinence/just-say-no fixation can lead to tenuous, unrealistic efforts to abstain, efforts at which people frequently fail, only to engage in the highest-risk forms of binge consumption. The real mystery is why an intelligent man receiving the best health care advice money can buy thinks that not drinking makes it less likely he will succumb to coronary artery disease . Even drinking more than is recommended, without displaying clinical symptoms of problem drinking or alcohol dependence , is generally better for you than drinking nothing. If you enjoy sipping a glass of wine, a beer or a cocktail now and then, keep moderation in mind to protect your health.

Deciding about drinking

Moderate drinking sits at the point at which the health benefits of alcohol clearly outweigh the risks. In some studies, the term “moderate drinking” refers to less than 1 drink per day, while in others it means 3-4 drinks per day. In fact, even among alcohol researchers, there’s no universally accepted standard drink definition. In the UK, the chief medical officer Sally Davies has said there is no safe level of drinking, but the guidance suggests that drinkers consume no more than 14 units a week to keep the risks low. Half a pint of average-strength lager contains one unit and a 125ml glass of wine contains around 1.5 units. However, some kombucha makers are now producing hard kombucha, which has an alcohol content similar to beer or hard seltzer.

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Preliminary research reported at a medical meeting earlier this year also suggests that obesity may increase the risk of developing alcohol-related cancers. Researchers examined data on drinking habits and cancer cases among almost 400,000 people in the U.K. Biobank and found that people with the highest BMIs were 53 percent more likely to develop alcohol-related cancer even when they drank in moderation, following dietary guidelines for alcohol consumption. The benefits and risks of moderate drinking change over a lifetime.

No healthy level of alcohol consumption, says major study

If you drink alcohol, remember to include it in your meal planning so you’re not getting more calories than you need. If your doctor has cleared you to drink alcohol in moderation, be sure to eat a meal or snack when you drink to keep your blood sugar from getting too low. No research has proved a cause-and-effect link between drinking alcohol and better heart health. Here are some things we can do to ensure the nondrinkers is alcohol good for you in our lives don’t feel singled out. Dust off the bottle opener or corkscrew and get ready to crack one drink per day , or maybe even two to get these sweet alcohol health benefits without the hangover. While alcohol certainly has some negative health effects, there can also be advantages to moderate consumption. Of course, relationships have their own chemistry, a language of dopamine, oxytocin, vasopressin, etc.

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